MAYA Base 10ML

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This clean, yet sexy roll-on fragrance is designed to adjust to your body chemistry and the environmental elements to create a scent that is yours and yours alone. Wear MAYA Baseby itself or layered with any other fragrance or essential oil to enhance the scent, extend the wear time, and distinguish your scent.

Why Choose Maya?


Maya fragrance oils are thoughtfully formulated using cutting-edge ingredients, balancing advanced chemistry with natural elements.


All Maya products are vegan, cruelty-free and hand-filled in Los Angeles, CA, to be as ecologically responsible as possible.

How to use Maya

Glide the roll-on applicator over pulse points (like your wrist and neck) to allow the fragrance to gently develop with the natural warmth of your skin.

Founder tip: roll onto palms, rub them together and gently scrunch into your hair for an effortless, lingering aromatic effect.

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Sara C.
United States United States

Skeptic turned subscriber

Like many folks here I first purchased at the recommendation of the Gee Thanks Just Bought It community. And— I did not like it when I first smelled. Was fully prepared to return. AGAIN the GTJBI fam convinced me to just *try* it on for a day. I don’t know what magic is in Maya Base but it somehow merges with my usual person smell and makes it better. My boyfriend says I smell good every time I wear this. Random people at the bus stop tell me I smell good. The woman in front of me at Chipotle asked what I was wearing. I still don’t love how Base smells by itself. It makes no sense. Anyway I’m a devoted purchaser now. Cheers

Nicole T.
United States United States

Love it.

Love this. I wear it daily. I have had many tell me that I always smell good.

Arielle J.
United States United States

Love Maya 1

I love the staying power that this fragrance has, it's floral and energizing and just so lovely.

Lisa H.
United States United States

Get ready for compliments!

If I had a dollar for every time someone has told me I smell amazing since wearing this scent, I’d be well on my way to saving up for my next bottle. Which would be great because I WILL be buying more. I love it.

Jessica D.
United States United States

I was skeptical

I ordered a small bottle of the Maya Base after reading relentless raving testimonials on Instagram. I’ve never purchased a fragrance without smelling it first, but curiosity finally got the best of me. Now I keep one in my purse at all times, and another large one at home. This stuff is magic. I don’t even smell it after I put it on for the day, but the compliments roll in all day long. It’s pretty incredible. I love that it smells like *me* but better. It’s got that mysterious factor. It’s clean, and fresh, and subtle. But amazing. So stop being a skeptic and just order it!