MAYA No.2 10ML
MAYA No.2 10ML
MAYA No.2 10ML

MAYA No.2 10ML

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Unveil the allure of MAYA NO.2 – where fresh-cut roses blend seamlessly with warm, musky undertones, creating an irresistibly sexy fragrance perfect for nights filled with romance. Forget the past; this is the rose of the new era– fresh, bold and beautifully seductive.

Scent profile: Fresh, Feminine, Clean, Airy, Elevated

Ideal for: Date nights and moments when you want to feel unique and sophisticated.

 Top Note: Ambrette – A musky note with a hint of sweetness to captivate from the first dab.
 Middle Note: Geranium and Moroccan Rose – The heart of the perfume, where floral meets sophistication, creating a vibrant yet delicate scent experience.
 Base Note: Precious Woods, Amber, Musk – A warm, deep base that lingers, adding a touch of mystery and allure to the airy florals.
How to use Maya

Glide the roll-on applicator over pulse points (like your wrist and neck) to allow the fragrance to gently develop with the natural warmth of your skin.

Founder tip: roll onto palms, rub them together and gently scrunch into your hair for an effortless, lingering aromatic effect.